Hazel Scott

Hazel Scott Celebrated at the March On Washington Film Festival, Feb. 24, 2022

The March on Washington Film Festival is screening a documentary about Hazel Scott's art and activism. The film was produced by the Apollo Theater, narrated by Hazel Scott biographer Karen Chilton, and features performances by pianist Damien Sneed and saxophonist & vocalist Camille Thurman. Full information here

Hazel Scott: "I sued and I won and I gave all the money to the NAACP"

Terrific article on Hazel Scott by biographer Karen Chilton. In 1950, Scott brought a successful lawsuit against a restaurant near Spokane, Washington, where she and a traveling companion had been denied service, the waitress told them, because they were Negroes.[fn]Hazel Scott Attorneys Score in Initial Round, Spokane Daily Chronicle, April 17, 1950.